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There is an energy that can be generated by each one of use. It requires synchronising the senses and mind in order for it to be generated, however, to store it... this is another different thing to do.


Working on the current milestone I am concentrated on bringing the general feature of the gameplay - producing and keeping the hram energy. I plan on developing algorithms for different ways of generating the main source of power in the game. So you see... it is one thing to combine your character's body and mind to materialise your anger and attack the target while it is another to store the hram energy and use it as a powerful gush of energy that would be used for different purposes like destroying, healing, putting your opponent character in hypnosis, etc.


Briefly said - bringing the shadow battle mode. Players co-op to defend the crystal of vitality in order for the Mother tree servant to extract it. The angry wandering shadows of Dupra are coming in waves, eager to attain the green crystal themselves, crushing everything theirway. Some of the players are going to be corrupted by the aura of the shadows and will aquire the ability of switching to the shadows' side, yeah... literally going to the team of the mobs, but who are they and when are they going to do it is unknown for the others who are not corrupted... well until the traitors decide to use their ability or... naively write it in the chat.

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