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"Far away, on the lands of Dupra, lands of no metal. It was you. You were sleeping... In an instant you woke up." 

With the goal of becoming a free-to-play game, Hram is directing at the Action MMORPG genre.

```Dupra is the way all people call the lands soaked with Hram - a balanced combination of body and mind energy. Every person on these lands is coming from the Earth in a manner of strange universal transport which brings different senses to the traveler. Synchronise your senses and mind to unleash the energy of Hram.```

Gameplay with 4 players with 2 of them corrupted by the shadows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGVXUyg2bo_IarugUERyc9Q

|About the Project|

In the beginning Hram (then Hram World) was an experimental project having a simple goal - to study network transmissioning of packets via TCP and UDP.

Everythign started from a small 2D balls that each player controlled in a real time world... well if it could be called world.

Later on, after showing different ideas and approaches of packets transmissioning to its creator, the World drastically changed. One's childhood dreams of another fantasy world were awakened and the World of Dupra was born. An outer lands that have mythical amounts of metal materials and where trees are so powerful that can sense the death of their keepers and save them right before they die.

The story of the game is soon going to be released in english however its characters are not present in the game - it is you who writes the story of the game!


The game is very lightweight and will do nothing to your computer or graphics card.

-> Windows 7 or higher

-> Internet


Buy Now$1.73 USD or more

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